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In the active conduct of business of the precise sheet metal processing, we are recognizing environmental problems as one of the important problems. And, we consider the harmony with the environment in the active conduct of business. To achieve this environment line, the following environmental practices are executed.

  1. To protect the global environment, and to prevent environmental pollution, the continual improvement of the environmental management system is promoted.

  2. We work on environmental conservation activities according to "Environment Basic Law", "Law related to the environment", and "Demand that our company agrees to".

  3. The demand of the environment from the stake holder corresponds with sincerity.

  4. We consider the impact on the environment through the active conduct of business, make efforts to the following items, and work.

  5. 1. To prevent global warming, the energy conservation activity is promoted.

    2. To use the resource effectively, the saving resource activity of the raw material is promoted.

    3. To decrease the load that waste gives the environment, the activity that decreases waste is promoted.

    4. To value rich natural environment, environmental conservation activities around in the factory and the factory are promoted.

    5. To value rich talent, the safety hygiene activity of the working environment is promoted.

  6. An environmental purpose and the target are regularly reviewed.

  7. The environment line makes our and our working outside employee do well-known, and promotes environmental conservation activities.

  8. March 1, 2008
    Representative Director Toshihiro Nozawa
    Kimpou meltech Co., Ltd.